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Imagine feeling...

calm, centered, and connected to your baby, body & your inner Mother Wisdom so you can enjoy a relaxed pregnancy & an empowered birth 

If you feel nervous..


about a baby coming out of your lady region, you’re not alone!

Whether this is your first baby or your fifth, growing a baby and giving birth can be terrifying, wild, raw


this is a beautiful season in your life to step into your Divine Sovereign Goddess power & grace.

Take a moment to acknowledge how amazing you are because you are growing Life!

Let's get real for a minute...

Life is demanding.

Your body is changing.

YOU are transforming into a new YOU...and that can be terrifying & wonderful at the same time.

Pregnancy can be far from glowing

and every birth experience is unique.

Giving birth can be scary because it's unknown.

It is a totally In-the-Moment experience!

but guess what?


You CAN be present, feel focused and stay in your power while delivering your sweet baby.


Get quiet,  Tune in. You have all of the answers within you

I see you...


You're a modern, soul-centered, conscious mama who wants to be present and relish in the experience of your pregnancy

and feel centered and powerful when giving birth to your baby.

Goddess Momma, you can totally birth your baby in a peaceful, empowered and relaxed way.

You got this mama!




meditation + breath work + hypnobirthing to feel steady, grounded & fully present to the magic of Life within you


wouldn't it be amazing to...


 surrender control so you can be more present

 release anxiety so you can feel grounded & calm

 connect to gratitude so you can feel a deeper bond with your baby & body

 quiet your mind so you feel relaxed & at ease

 feel prepared  & confident because you have the mindfulness tools to be fully present to your pregnancy & birth

 Trust your body, your baby & the wisdom of your womb


The unique combination of breath exercises & hypnobirthing meditations will help prepare you for an empowered and centered birth experience

You have an inner mother wisdom & Sovereign power within you.

You'll Receive:  


10 meditations: 

  • Relaxation Meditation
  • Appreciation Meditation
  • Birth Affirmations Meditation
  • Cord Cutting / Release Anxiety + Fear
  • Body + Baby Love Meditation
  • Insomnia Meditation
  • Connect to your Mother Wisdom
  • Surge Breath + Meditation
  • Visualize your Birth Meditation hypnotherapy
  • Lean into Trust (when you're past due)


4 Essential Breath Techniques: 

  • Calming breath for relaxation 
  • Surge breath to breathe through waves of contractions and help ease sensations
  • Push breath to gently guide down & birth your baby
  • Ujjayi Pranyama to help you stay present & in the moment

you'll also receive...

these Bonuses:

Guided Hypnobirthing to visualize your peaceful & empowered birth

Postpartum checklist & Fourth trimester recovery care guide

3 BONUS breath techniques to reduce stress & anxiety during contractions

Heart Chakra Meditation to help you come home to yourself

all for just $67 $47!

What other mamas are saying...   

Exactly what I needed!

This is exactly what I needed to help me stay relaxed and centered. The combination of meditations & breathwork feel fresh and relatable. Even if you've had multiple births, I'd recommend it to all my pregnant mama friends.  ~ Sarah Adler

Feeling more confident & prepared

Audrey's voice is so calming and grounding. These are helping me feel more prepared & confident I can do this!  ~ Steffie H.


Meditation + Breathwork + Hypnobirthing to support you to feel centered, relaxed and empowered for a healthy pregnancy & empowering birth


hi, i'm audrey!

Writer, soul coach, yogi and momma of two.

Congratulations momma! I’m so excited for you and your baby, and I’m so happy you’re taking this special time for yourself to deeply connect to your body and being.

Our minds can be crazy, especially with the unknown.

And hello! birth is the ultimate unknown, uncontrollable experience!

These meditations helped me stay calm and relaxed when I felt anxious and scared, and the breathwork supported me in staying present so I could deliver my 2nd baby with my own hands.

I know they'll do the same for you!

My intention for creating this is to empower you to feel relaxed, beautiful and appreciate everything that you are!

You've got this mama!