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Come home to yourself

feel alive and experience more joy and fulfillment each month in doable ways

Nourish your Soul


Self-care shouldn't be a last resort 

Spirituality doesn’t have to take a lot of your time

Feed your Soul each month with a mindfulness tool + movement + community + live group call to inspire you to embody your worth & embrace your softness and strength and everything that you are!



spiritually, physically and emotionally…. all in very doable ways 


Ready to ignite a deeper spiritual connection with your inner knowing and connect with a conscious community, so you can feel more gratitude, freedom and joy every. single. day?


There is a calling in your heart for something greater.

I see you friend!

You’re doing a great job at Life!

You’ve dealt with so much uncertainty and life transitions.

You’ve found your footing and moments of joy,

but ...

You’re still wearing a lot of hats, juggling a lot of balls and you’re busier now more than ever  

You’re feeling depleted and exhausted

You need some space, like real space - not just time for yourself in the shower, to really connect with yourself

There’s a whisper in your heart that you want more...

And guess what? Life wants you to have it.


You're Yearning to...

feel more fulfilled, hopeful and expansive
gain more clarity to feel at ease and in flow
reconnect with yourself, feel that spark of life, be inspired and feel alive!
embody your worth and know you are enough and you matter
nourish your soul  to feel calm, creative and present
have a conscious community to support you so you feel seen, significant and loved



when you make time for the things that fill you up, you show up better for yourself and those you care about

If you're ready to...


 Release worry and rumination, so you can feel more grounded and centered 


 Activate the courage within you to expand into your fullest potential


Free yourself from limiting beliefs so you can embody your wholeness and your worth 


Be less triggered and stressed so you can truly be in the present moment to feel at ease and in flow 


Ignite a deeper spiritual connection with your inner knowing so you can embrace your softness and strength and everything that you are


Feel more gratitude, freedom and joy every single day



Your monthly membership to inspire you on your path to embrace everything that you are!

each month you'll receive:

an intention + mindfulness tool to fuel your Soul

mindfulness tool for your Soul toolbox
LIVE 60-minute group coaching call 
2 x yoga videos (vinyasa + yin)
guided meditation + journal worksheet
connection to our community for support and encouragement

The SOUL CIRCLE is your monthly check-in to feed your Soul and return to your truth: you are enough + you matter

The Truth is...


When we’re busy, we tend to put ourselves last.

then we show up triggered, edgy, depleted and unfulfilled.


you would never drive a car without filling up for gas,

but are you filling up your Soul Tank?


you see your doctor for annual check-ups to make sure you’re healthy,

but are you doing a Spiritual Check-IN?


Typically we’ve discovered our spiritual journey out of necessity, or we return to it when we’re on fumes and empty

Soul Circle is your monthly membership 

to support you on your conscious path to knowing and loving yourself in very doable ways, so you can thrive spiritually, mentally & physically

because the Real Truth is...


You show up better when you take care of yourself.


You feel better when you’re connected with yourself and in flow with life


Self-care shouldn't be another thing on your To-Do List

You are not alone. 

We need each other, now more than ever.  


Feel held, heard and connected each month!



"Investing time and energy into myself gives me a better sense of purpose and reminds me who I am and how I want to live my life." - Sarah H.

wouldn't it be amazing to...


feel grounded, confident and magnetic to what you desire? 

feel inspired and liberated because you have the mindfulness tools to release worry, fear and control so you can be present and in flow? 

embody joy, gratitude and abundance EVERY. SINGLE. DAY. and have the tools to shift your perspective when you get triggered?

truly believe in yourself, feel worthy and resilient so you can dream way bigger than you could ever imagine and trust you’ll be supported? 


Feel supported and inspired each month with mindfulness tools to release limiting beliefs, align with your Higher Self and experience more freedom, joy and your limitless potential


I'm So In!

hi, i'm audrey!

Writer, soul coach, podcaster, yogi and momma of two.

By the age of 24, I was a successful multi six-figure entrepreneur.

By 30 I was on my way to a major life breakdown.

In the breakdown, there was something beautiful breaking open...It was ME!

This journey that started over a decade ago, of learning mindfulness tools to know and love myself has led me to serve you.

I now have the honor to guide hundreds of women to heal, expand and embody their worth by being present to everything that they are!

What I know for sure is that YOU have the answers within you.

You have a light that's been covered by Life.

I'm excited to hold your hand and be your guide each month to help you discover your light, shine your fullest expression and become the person you are meant to be!

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