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Chakra Ascension Meditations

What if you could feel centered and grounded, so you can show up and experience more joy, gratitude and clarity in your work, relationships, with those you love and for yourself?


Get grounded and centered, with Audrey Sutton Mills, as she guides you through 8 guided meditations (20 minutes each) to activate each of your 8 Chakras of the body to embody how you want to feel and align with your Higher Consciousness so you can be present to the magic of Life that surrounds you.


You’ll receive:

  • Muladhara Root Chakra: activate feeling safe and secure
  • Svadhisthana Sacral Chakra: Release triggered emotions and feel connected
  • Manipura Solar Plexus Chakra: Release limiting beliefs and stand in your confidence 
  • Anahata Heart Chakra: Cultivate forgiveness, compassion and self-kindness
  • Vishuddha Throat Chakra: Cultivate creativity and self-expression
  • Ajna third Eye Chakra: Attuning to divine spirit guides through gratitude      
  • Sahasrara Crown Chakra: Attuning to a higher vibrational energy 
  • BONUS #1: 8th Chakra Meditation (connecting to Higher Consciousness)
  • BONUS #2: Ascend through all 8 Chakras Meditation


That’s 9 meditations & over 2.5 hours of guided meditation to activate each chakra energy center, all for the low price of $37 $27!