Come home to yourself in this
sweet & loving
3-week course to
inspire you to
get grounded,
embody self-kindness
and attune to your inner wisdom
so you feel
and alive!

I'm SO in!

I see you! 

You're holding A LOT, friend. 

In addition to you regular jobs and roles, you’re now the teacher, caretaker, house cleaner, chef and so much more!


You’re doing a great job⁠ of keeping it all together⁠, staying upbeat⁠, being there for everyone⁠, doing everything⁠, all while keeping a smile on your face.⁠


You're pouring yourself into others,

but are you filling up your own cup?


Self-care may seem like another To-Do task to check off or a distant fantasy that you'll take care of yourself when things slow down, get back to normal or when you have more time, but it never does...


Here's the truth:

When you show up for yourself,

you can show up better for those you love.


That’s why I created a program that I would want .

Something that feels easy and supportive to help you feel inspired,

empowered and connected to yourself again.  


I believe easy, small acts of loving kindness done consistently create lasting habits for self love, a deeper belief in yourself and an innate trust in your inner knowing.


I'm ready to feel like myself again!


Change is hard and you’re holding a lot.

You're tired and exhausted.

In tough times, you don’t need to be harder on yourself.

You need to give yourself grace.

Self-care doesn’t have to be hard.

The SELF LOVE LAB is your personal retreat to come home to yourself and reconnect with your warmth, openness and inner wisdom in nurturing, soft and effortless ways.

This is your calling to journey inward, nourish yourself and make yourself a priority.


You want to feel inspired, calm and connected to yourself

You want to let go of fear and scarcity mindset and live in true gratitude, hope and abundance to feel centered and grounded 

You want to stop shaming, blaming, comparing and criticizing yourself, so you can be on your own side and celebrate yourself

You want to feel empowered through your softness and femininity

You want to feel in the flow of life, rather than going against it

You want to release destructive patterns and limiting beliefs, so you can be free


Get grounded, embody self-kindness

and attune to your inner wisdom,

 so you feel nourished, joyful and alive.



You'll also receive...


Access to our private facebook group so you can connect, support each other and have accountability


You’ll receive a weekly workbook to journal and self-reflect for each module


An easy, guided meditation on self-compassion to help ground you and return home to your heart


Receive weekly emails from Audrey to help guide you through the coursework and your homework to practice each week


Two simple and easy yoga classes led by Audrey to help center you in the morning and ground you at night


Private access to the SELF-LOVE LAB portal to ask questions and receive personal support from Audrey and her team


Here's what you'll receive...

  • 4 video modules with 4 mindfulness tools to deepen self-love:
  • Creating Sacred Time and Boundaries
  • The Power of the Pause 
  • Cultivating Compassion through Grace and Self-Forgiveness
  • The Art of Celebrating yourself
  • Printable weekly Workbook to journal and self-reflect
  • Connection to our private Facebook group for support and accountability
  • 2 easy Yoga classes for morning grounding and evening relaxation
  • ONE TIME BONUS: 2 X 60-min live group calls
  • 3 Weekly emails from Audrey to support you in your self-love journey
  • Guided meditation on self-compassion and triggers
  • Private access to our portal to ask questions and receive comments from our team
  • Lifetime connections with our virtual community

Tescha T.

I was an exhausted mother and wife. I didn't take time for myself and prioritized everything and everyone else. I played my role with a smile on my face while quietly dying on the inside. I lost site of the really cool, fun, energetic girl I use to be. Audrey not only took me through a journey to find that girl again but to bring her back to life. Through Audrey’s love and guidance I learned to set boundaries and prioritize myself again. This process has made me not only a happier person but an even better mom and wife. I’m so grateful to Audrey! 

Michele D.

She helped me stop the low self-esteem talk of "you’re not enough." Audrey has the ability to bring to the surface what you didn’t even know you were holding on to. She helped me feel so empowered, it inspired me to connect to my passion of painting and build my self-worth. Now everything in my life is better! I'm happier, I feel alive and even my marriage is better, all because I returned to my strong creative self I once was.

Steffie H.

I was really struggling in a dead end relationship and felt like I was the only one putting in the effort to “make it work.” Audrey taught me to let go of control and trust myself. I felt empowered and strong and had the courage to leave that relationship, do the work to love myself, and am now married to the man of my dreams. I found love by loving myself.

In case you're wondering...


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I'm ready to feel grounded, nourished

and connected to myself!