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Embodying more clarity, ease, freedom & joy to live the intentional life you desire

Because you ...

  • stop buying into those limiting beliefs that have kept you stuck in scarcity and disappointment.
  • have clarity & intention of how you want to feel and what you want to create.
  • know how to elevate your emotional state to feel aligned, alive and present: every. single. day.
  • wholeheartedly believe in yourself and trust that you are being supported to attract what you desire.
  • live with intention to feel an intimate connection and richer meaning with LIFE.


A virtual yoga + vision sanctuary to gain clarity, freedom and inspiration to experience deeper connection, meaning & joy


There is a whisper in your heart for you to come home to yourself.

You're holding so much, but who's holding you?

If the past few years has left you feeling exhausted, disconnected and overwhelmed, you're not alone!

We are living in strange times.

Perhaps you’ve been feeling stuck, like you’re missing out on something big in your life.  

Your dreams are suffocating and you need some inspiration and guidance to ventilate your soul. 

Life's immediate TO DO lists and responsibilities are swallowing you up...days blend together, time goes by slowly and also so fast?

You’re juggling a lot and holding SO much...

You're craving to be held, feel more intimacy, meaning and joy.

If you’re reading this, you’re here for a reason. 

There’s a whisper in your heart that you want more out of Life. 

And guess what? Life wants you to have it.


 You're feeling called to create a life more expansive than what you’re experiencing

You want to gain clarity of your gifts and how to share them

You want a career you’re excited about, where you make money doing what you love

You want a meaningful relationship where you feel connection, appreciation & love

You want to feel in love with life and in alignment with yourself

You are feeling called to take a leap of faith and want to trust that Life will support you

 You're ready to live a life with intention, richness, meaning & joy

What you’re seeking is also seeking you.


 Tired of seeing others live the life you want

 Worried time is slipping by and you’ll never be able to create what’s in your heart

 Feeling stuck and blocked and need some clarity and inspiration to get the momentum going

 Feeling run down and tired of being on autopilot where the monotonous days blend together. You’re ready to feel alive and vibrant

 Scared to take the leap, but also feeling called to step into a bigger version of yourself – the person you know you’re meant to be and

Are you ready to expand your view to encompass all that you are and all of the infinite opportunities that await you? 


wouldn't it be amazing to...

have clarity of how you want to feel and what you want to draw into your life, so you can feel grounded and magnetic to what you desire? 

feel inspired and liberated because you have laser beam clarity and vision? 

embody joy, gratitude and abundance EVERY. SINGLE. DAY. and have the tools to shift your perspective when you get in a funk?

truly believe in yourself, feel worthy and allow yourself to dream way bigger than you could ever imagine and trust you’ll be supported? 

And then actually call it in and receive what you desire?

Get ready to release your limiting beliefs, gain clarity of how you want to feel and what you want to draw into your life and elevate your emotions to intentionally live with more appreciation, freedom, meaning & joy!



A virtual yoga + vision sanctuary to release, gain clarity and freedom to create the intentional life you desire!

Come HOME to your soul, your desires, to that sweet light within you, so you can live your most intentional life with more clarity, ease, freedom & joy


During your yoga sanctuary experience, you’ll receive all new videos: 

  • 75-minute yoga class 

  • 5 easy to watch video modules:

    • The formula for creating what you desire

    • Release your limiting beliefs

    • Gain clarity of Intention

    • Elevate your emotional state to attract what you desire

    • Embody how you want to feel every day

But what I forgot...

you’ll also receive these four bonuses:

Guided visualization video to release limiting beliefs

Beautifully curated Vision Workbook Journal

Meditation to visualize your desired future experiences

Daily meditation to elevate your mood & activate your courageous heart

You get all this for just $27!

6 reasons

Why you can’t afford to keep setting goals and feeling stuck and blocked:

1. Time is ticking and you feel like you keep missing out

2. You keep asking the same questions, setting the same goals and feel the same damn way

3. That whisper in your heart is calling you, and you don’t want it to die out

4. You’re tired of seeing others live the life you want, and you know you can have it too

5. You don’t want to regret not living the fullest life you were meant to live

6. You're ready to get unstuck and feel that spark of life again

hi, i'm audrey!

Writer, meditation mentor, yogi & mama of 2 little ones. When I’m not chasing my toddler, you’ll find me creating and writing (usually in my costco sweatpants and top-knot).

Through my courses and coaching, I help you overcome limited beliefs of your itty-bitty-shitty-committee, so you can embody your softness and strength, and everything that you are.

I’m honored to guide you home to yourself and help you walk the path of deeper self-love to the person you are meant to be, so you can know you are enough and you matter.

Take it from someone who’s been there.