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Igniting the Divine Feminine


Join Audrey Sutton Mills and Lululemon in celebration of International Yoga Day for a free workshop on igniting your Divine feminine power and aligning with your higher Sovereign self.

June 20th | 9am PST | FREE



Open to all genders, to enjoy an all-levels:

☑soulful yoga
☑guided meditation

to unify both the masculine and feminine energies that lie within each of us.

After a year of feeling overwhelmed, busy and divided, this is your invitation to attune to your softness and strength so you can feel total wholeness and joy.

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Meet your guide

hi, i'm audrey!

Writer, self-love coach, podcaster, yoga teacher and mom. When I’m not chasing my toddler, you’ll find me creating and writing (usually in my costco sweatpants and top-knot).

I help women in Life transitions make the journey to their biggest transformations, so they can feel grounded, have more clarity of who they are and what they want to create and experience more freedom. 

Through my courses and private coaching, I help you overcome limited beliefs of your itty-bitty-shitty-committee and not feeling enough, so you can feel empowered, aligned and truly step into the life you know you deserve with confidence and ease. 

I hold your hand through dark times, so you can unlearn, uncover your light and remember who you were before the world told you who you should be. You are enough and you matter.

I’m honored to be with you, help inspire you to come home to yourself and help YOU walk the path of deeper self-love to the person YOU are meant to be, so you can live your most expansive life.  

See you on the mat!